Founder, Architect


Being a graduate of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts with two diplomas in the branches of study “Architecture of buildings and facilities” and “Urban design”, a skilled architect Irina Soloveva started her professional career in 2007 with interior design. Since 2010 she has been engaged in architectural activity in the largest Ural architectural companies. She also has participated in many projects at various design stages from concept to detailed design. The typology of the developed projects includes domestic buildings, multifunctional housing estates, hotels, hostels, offices, shopping centers, exhibition facilities, improvement of yards of housing estates and pedestrian malls. Since 2018 she has been engaged in individual project work during which she has organized her own workshop called SOL. Architectural bureau.

SOL. Architectural bureau is a bureau working in the professionals’ collaboration format in the field of architecture, design and construction, organized in 2018 by a skilled architect Irina Soloveva.


SOL. Architectural bureau creates projects around the world, actively works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow. While working on a project and creating Building Information Modeling (BIM), we cooperate with the specialists not only in Russia but also in Europe, which expands our geography and makes it possible to start projects anywhere in the world, taking into account the geographical, cultural and social unique features of the location.


Whether it's reconditioning of a building, space or designing a brand new scheme, we are always focused on finding clear, holistic and effective planning concepts that reflect the originality, commercial goals and specific needs of the individuals and their brands.


Our basic action principles are as follows:

SOL. Architectural bureau adheres to the idea, the central position of which is taken by the world in the very form in which it exists here and now, and our task is to create an architectural project of high effectiveness and high-quality, that provides social, economic, environmental benefits and value.


We believe that each object should complement the existing context of the environment through integration or contrast that it creates.


During the first stages of work on Your projects we devote considerable time to analyze the environment of the design object, the needs and capabilities of the Customer and to determine the strategy of the project development. We strive for ensuring that each of our projects contributes to the improvement of the world, through the mood, comfort and safety improvement of life.


Therefore, we are not afraid to ask “a plenty of questions” and get a true interest in finding the planning concepts that are of great importance for You.


Combining considerable experience and an intuitive understanding of what is guaranteed to function perfect within the given context, we offer a professional planning concept to create an original architectural environment that improves people’s everyday life.


Permanent education and improvement is an integral part of our professional experience and way of thinking. We’re constantly monitoring the development of technologies in the field of design and construction, following the trends in the world market of design and architecture.


When developing a design of a project, we always give priority to its relevance, thus our method of work includes a tantamount attitude towards beauty and functionality of a project.